For Andrew Rose

I have been actively assisting with the campaign to save Andrew Rose, a lovely young man in Missouri, from becoming a scapegoat for the shamelessly unethical Prosecuting Attorney, Robert E. Parks II.

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Posted To WordPress While Out and About.

Q. Was Andrew Rose, specifically targeted?

A. Yes. Absolutely, certain people are targeted. Seemingly random people are targeted. Those who are “easy targets” are victimised and heavy-handidly bullied.
Andrew Rose is a victim of this horrific cycle of “crime creation”.
His age, location, and history of non-criminality and non-combative behaviour contribute to him being scape-goated by DA Parks & co.
Oh yes, I DO mean “and company”.

There is no “crime”.
An actual “criminal act” is no longer required in the states.
Predators, An Unsuspecting Target, and a basic plan are the elements needed to create a circus and frenzy out of thin air.

Typically, people read headlines of a “shocking case”, presume that “if it’s in the newspaper, it has to be true!”, and don’t actually follow the case.

Even if someone is found not guilty, or takes a plea deal, (sometimes, there is no other choice), the stigma of the (inflated) headline “follows” that formerly accused defendant for a long time.

The gossip and lies provide more entertainment value than the truth. That’s sickening.

My devotion is to truth. Based on unbiased facts, data, and evidenced support that I gather entirely by myself; without outside influences.

One thought on “For Andrew Rose

  1. Hourmous Merktash says:

    Andrew Rose doesn’t know you. Stop latching onto stories and people like a parasite and claiming to be part of something that you are not. Lying Jew where is your pussy Iranian boyfriend you claim you have. Allah Akbar death to Swedish Jew.

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