Terrorizing a mentally disabled child: The Ultimate Low

Andrew Rose: victim, not predator
Missouri, USA.

DA Parks is a closeted fictional crime fiend.

I say “closeted” because he probably owns many of the (excellent!) James Patterson Novels,
covets them, but knows that he cannot write like James Patterson, nor will he ever encounter the complex cases and characters in those books.

Many Attorneys I know compare preparing for a trial to screenplay writing.

A Protagonist is chosen, a timeline of “events” is created (with hopefully some accurate facts, but a lot of filler and irrelevant crap is included to keep the story flowing and the jurors/Judge awake and alert, characters are cast for various roles (in the form of witnesses, experts, etc.), any evidence serves the purpose of a “prop”, and, as we all know, everything from opening arguments to “The state rests, your Honour”, is indeed- Scripted.

Unfortunately, when the city/county/local law enforcement/local Prosecuting Attorney screw around and overstep their (marginal) authority (“jump the gun”, creating a crime that is (in this scenario) fictional/imaginary, THEN “pitching” their (one-sided) *story* to agencies with more authority (and A LOT more money and resources/staff, for example, the FBI, INS, ICE, Homeland Second, for example).

Sadly, these higher-up agencies lean towards trusting the local DA and law enforcement;

The Feds presume the locals have (at least marginal) ethics, a leg to stand on, some tangible evidence, but need help/backing by a larger Agency. When asked to step in, the Feds typically step in.

Yes, The Feds (to a degree) “take over” at that point (well, the State pretty much asks The Feds to do that).

Surely ICE was told an elaborate fictional story by the DA and local brASS about Andrew. ICE took the bait.

ICE takes action FAST, (well, sometimes there are real emergencies happening).

ICE conducts their all of their raids with the zeal of encountering a terrorist training camp.

When the dust settles though, The Feds can see clearly if they have been “duped” by the locals into wasting money, manpower, time, resources, all for nothing.

The Feds (sometimes) are in a crappy position too; having to cover the arses of the local yocals who initially created this circus (yes, YOU Robert Parks).

This “case”, if brought to a Federal Prosecutor, would be such “small potatoes” that the “case” would likely be considered quite insignificant.

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