The Reality Is…

Corresponds With : ***Justice for Ernest***

::My Daily Letter To Ms. Christina Arechiga::

Christina my dear,

You are very on-point with referring to Americas police/law enforcement practices as being comparable to a Genocide Movement.

I usually tell people “it’s the Holocaust Part 2, with a broader range of targeted people”.

What is frightening is that when I tell specific people, whom I know are targets, that they are at risk and prove their risk as being fact, instead of taking precautions (or a pro-active stance), they bury their heads in the sand.

Personally, I would have appreciated a “heads up”.

And I have the fanatical hate-preachers who yell , “Bitch! YOU can’t say THAT!”,
but, I disagree with them.

I’ll SAY what I know to be factually true,
I’ll WRITE about it. I’ll TALK about it.
I figure, “Why shouldn’t I?”.

After all, I did personally/directly experience, (and by God’s grace am alive to speak about), the trial stage/practice run of the modern day internment camp here in the US.

The present-day operations within the US does have parallels with the Jewish Holocaust. Absolutely.


Posted To WordPress While Out and About.

6 thoughts on “The Reality Is…

  1. Alberto Gomez says:

    you do not work for reporters without borders and do not have any journalism credentials. We know because we are very close to this group and you are not part of them.

  2. Alberto Gomez says:

    Sign our petition to stop fake petitions and people like Mary Dagan Foxman aka L. Mary Dagan-Foxman aka Lady Mary Dagan Foxman ……….from using for it’s main purpose. Hey Mary, we are still waiting for some invites to your wedding or to your next froken platina or proken flatina, ..blah blah whatever fund raiser. Face it you have never helped a person your entire life your whole background is made up probably one of the identities stolen over at Value Click, while Bennie was on staff but alias they had to let him go because he fucked up and cost them $2.8 million in fines. He makes up his background like you do.

  3. Alberto Gomez says:

    You ever seen anyone die from Lymphoma or a child with a brain tumor how about raise money for them? What about poor children that were stolen from their parents and sold because their parents biggest crime was they were poor and had no job. Yet Adoption Agencies were purchasing these kids right and left and forcing the parents to relinquish their children. Some Adoption agencies made as much as $8 million a year when the laws were lenient. between 2003-2008 many children were stolen from their homelands into the arms of wealthy westerners willing to fork out upwards of $50,000 for healthy white babies and turn their heads to lies, trafficking simply because they wanted the complete family picture. So they looked overseas because they could get away with it much easier.
    We know you are a fake and this is why. You claim to be about HUMAN RIGHTS and yet everything you do or write is about taking human rights away. It’s no wonder you cannot go in public without a disguise and conceal your true name, address and phone number. You have accused people of child abuse and now you reap what you sow, if you truly have Lymphoma you should get some positive attitude in your life and reach out for help with your fatal disease. If you do have it we are truly sorry, but changes are it’s made up like your whole entire life is.

  4. Alberto Gomez says:

    Even Nik Richie at the “The Dirty” didn’t want you around. He snitched your IP address out. (so we had to pay for it) If you really knew him you would be able to call him or know his real name and who he is related to here in Orange county and Beverly Hills. Suppose you hate him too because he didn’t want anything to do with you or your sick commentary of hate.

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      The IP Address associated with this comment is: The ISP is AT&T. The physical location is 8665 N. Cedar Ave, unit #109, Fresno, California, USA. This is the home of 》Vanessa Jean Kachadurian《 – international cyber criminal and (offline) repeat violent offender.

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