This Anonymous Message Is Misguided

Dear People,

If this is ANON video is directed towards Americans, in particular, I anticipate much misinterpretation will be the resulting fallout.

I know (better than many people actually), that the concept of “Freedom of Religion” in the USA is a fabrication.

By this ANON, (Reverend Hax) spokesperson/ videographer utilising the phrase “Christian Nation”, while likely well-intended, does not preach tolerance nor focus on unity, as a human collective.

I would have stressed the humanist aspect and common ground more so than the lamenting of Christian religious persecution correlating with the persecution of members of the Anonymous Legion.
Separation and not unity may very well be the end result of this particular Anonymous message.
And that is unfortunate.

L. Mary Dagan-Foxman

Posted To WordPress While Out and About.

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