1. Call me Detective Joe says:

    and your point is?….you are no reporter and certainly not a member of “reporters without borders”. They are brave individuals that get killed or kidnapped ever day and risk their lives to report about social important stories not kevin spacey, NPH, AWC, etc., not some lying psycho bitch who rights about nothing relevant except stupidity. but that is what attorneys do shoot off their mouths, don’t you have something better to do like walk your ugly dog or take your wife out to lunch. we hear they are running a special over at the santa monica café on the pier. after taking a break from the computer you could get back at it and spew more lies and hate. but it doesn’t really matter does it? you are not trying to reach a broad audience only a few that for some idiotic reason you target (that is in between never helping anyone solve any real crimes just pretending to) for someone that professes to be involved with human rights, it’s strange we haven’t seen you at any of our peace rallies and protests. nope just another nutcase, running off at the mouth. go back to collecting disability so u can continue running at the mouth about random topics or staying focus on 1 thing long enough to make a difference. here is to Lady Mary Dagan Foxman a mouth with no teeth or results. while American soldiers die to give you freedom, people in Boston lost limbs, children were killed at school shootings just so you could spew around on the internet that terrorists, killing children and other innocent civilians is somehow justified in your warped mind. we still wait for one of your big public appearances but never see the grand entrance or speeches only photos of you alone in yet another disguise always staying on the fringes of society.

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