Whom is this creature roaming about town? Vanessa Kachadurian

Clarification / Identity Correction:

Fresno, California’s #1 “Keyboard Warrior” “Vanoush Khatchaturyan” is a shoddy alias for a person legally named Vanessa Jean Kachadurian, of Modesto and Fresno, California.

May 2014
A Reliable Informant, (name withheld at his request), has recently come to me, directly with an admission and evidentiary support that HE is Vanessa Kachadurian’s TRUE BIOLOGICAL FATHER, that Vernon Kachadurian and he were lifelong friends, and his romance with Ms. Quarles was mutual and brief. He also discussed that his family has a history of schizophrenia and similar borderline illness. This revelation sheds new light upon why Vanessa is the polar opposite of her Kachadurian siblings. More to follow soon.


Her Father was the late Vernon Kachadurian, also born and raised in Fresno, California.

Her Mother was born with and maintained her legal maiden name, Barbara Quarles.

Occasionally, Quarles tacks on her married last name, Kachadurian.

Strangely, Barbara Quarles resided at the California Armenian Home for the Aged and is named “Jean Kachadurian” in the court proceeding transcripts stemming from Vanessa’s abusive behaviour towards her Mother, Barbara, Residents, and Staff at the care facility


Vanessa Kachadurian’s contributions of “giving back” to “her community” include, reckless assault and battery upon the staff and residents at an elderly care facility (The California Armenian Home).

Yes, Vanessa devotes her time to beating and bludgeoning, spitting upon, and screaming obscenities towards elderly people and the staff whom are trying to intervene to protect the residents.

Submission By FORCE.

“The future of Fresno, if lead by Vanessa Kachadurian’s Greed & Violence Regime, will be grim and quickly overthrown”-LMDF

8 thoughts on “Whom is this creature roaming about town? Vanessa Kachadurian

  1. GenevaRatcliff-who killed my son. says:

    Hey Dummie;
    Ms. Barbara Kachadurian passed away 34 days after her husband and has been dead over 1 year shows what you know. Furthermore, if you live in Fresno show your face or kindly go away. This health care facility is owned by us not you and you have no idea what is going on or who the real criminals are. Otherwise keep your opinion to yourself. This person is a very kind person who unlike you legitimately helps people. All those fake charges against her were dismissed. Geneva Ratcliff and the rest all know what a FAKE you are. Trying to latch on to Nik Ritchie (The Army) aka Hoonam Karimian because you have no career of your own. We Armenians are tired of being used by non-Armenians, we are no longer paying for that elder care facility they are all Medicaid abuse cases. If you had half a brain you would look up and do your little google searches on Armenian Mafia and Medicare fraud and understand that Kachadurian did to stop further abuses.

    You are really clueless aren’t you Mary or whatever the fuck your name is. That is right, you cannot use your real name. Anyway Nik gave us all your IP Address. While you are at it research your little google search engine on how many Internet Attorneys are legit and trying to etch out names for themselves.
    While assholes like you hide behind a keyboard and merely write about stupid crap, others are actually on the front line and changing laws in International Adoption. The only hate hustler is fakes like you claiming to be this and that but you are nothing. Mirmehdi Family doesn’t know you. In fact, you have done nothing to solve cases except sling crap around that you know nothing about. Good luck with the writing career, you will need it Terrorist Barbie. Once again, show your face in public if you dare or shut the fuck up about shit you know nothing about except for your online research. You continue to harass this person and she doesn’t know you. But we know you Mary, we are real real close by.

  2. GenevaRatcliff-who killed my son. says:

    Lets see if you will really print that reply, but it doesn’t matter does it? We all know the truth that know Ms. Kachadurian. Stay with trying to solve murders Mary, Geneva is wondering why you haven’t done a thing for her son Christopher. We know why, because you have no network to help you, no inside access to anything or the help of law enforcement.

  3. GenevaRatcliff-who killed my son. says:

    Here is what Reporters without Borders has to say about you. http://iwork4rsf.com/

    Of course, they would never use you. Because your writing skills and subjects are close to borderline stupidity and gossip. YES terrorist Barbie READ WHAT REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS HAS TO SAY ..http://iwork4rsf.com/

    BTW attacking someone’s family is quite low of you, no legit writer would stoop this low. Again, show your face and have a debate one on one with Ms. Kachadurian, I am sure she would enjoy it.

    1. (SE) Lady Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      A “one on one”?


      If this “one on one” were formally and legally arranged with the winners proceeds benefiting a legitimate charity, I would totally agree to a charity boxing event; although I prefer MMA style disciplines.

      When I met Vanessa Kachadurian at a “lively arts” event recently, (Mystic India, great show BTW);

      Upon recognizing me in the front row, (I sat in seat 28 at the William Saroyan Theater), I waved at Kachadurian, (the emcee of the show), and, in a retaliatory response, which I feel was extremely disrespectful to the memory of Mr. Saroyan, Kachadurian urinated down her legs and onto the stage.

      It was as though I were a cattle judge at a county fair.

      Kachadurian is absolute garbage. Grotesque inside, evil to the core, useless to society.

      This incident of her public indecency has made for a most unusual video though.

      I own that site, personally.
      The site will go live in June.

  4. GenevaRatcliff-who killed my son. says:

    Are you going to help find my son’s murderer here in Virginia or just shut your mouth off all the fucking time about nothing and nobody. You called me from Canada and wouldn’t even leave me your number I have no one to help me and now you have abandoned me too just like everyone else. Just admit it you can’t help me because you have no means to. Come take down the murders of my kid you liar!!

  5. Alberto Gomez says:

    Urinated on her leg in public, see how crazy you sound. count how many posts you have bashing Armenians or this lady and look at yourself what a fraud you are. Do you not know anything about Armenian baptismal names vs. their American names they use? Speaking of names what is your real name Terrorist Barbie or Lady mary Dagan foxman the Author of moOBSCENE LMAO. So why don’t you meet face to face ? Too cowardly? Or is it better to show up around town in costumes and have people take your photo that don’t know you? Using a fake disguise and model that is a whackjob like you. Oh and the Lymphoma claim, you are really low to claim you are sick and gain sympathy from people then you attack them. http://www.change.org/petitions/change-org-to-stop-fake-petitions-that-are-on-change-org-to-harm-people

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      The IP Address associated with this comment is: The ISP is AT&T. The physical location is 8665 N. Cedar Ave, unit #109, Fresno, California, USA. This is the home of 》Vanessa Jean Kachadurian《 – international cyber criminal and (offline) repeat violent offender.

  6. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Sure Sure “Mary” you don’t exist Bennet Kelley (aka Mary Dagan Foxman) admitted that to the police.
    Bennet Kelley the famous soon to be ex lawyer in California (LOL) who has no career, no life but to harass and make up serials blogs about people than try to get $30,000 to remove them via extortion.

    That ‘Corporate Advocacy” program you are running is a sham and I WILL EXPOSE YOU!

    Yep Bennet You are doing real good – had a long talk with Darin Rabin about you.
    He is not a bad person like you, Lets see where you try to take all of this and what court or law enforcement office you try to manipulate via your numerous crazy online rants.
    You will lose in California your lies are catching up with you.
    You are the crazy loon everyone knows that, look who is the person who represented a known human trafficker? ME? NO that was you Bennet Kelley you represent anyone that has money to wave in your face.
    You have no ethics, no class nor professionalism.
    Anyone that represents a known human trafficker or adoption agency has a poor reputation – 2 things people hate: 1) attorneys 2) adoption agencies.
    Robin’s business is done in Armenia this was taken care of by Jeannie Sobie.
    I cannot take the credit for it (although I would like to) her own behavior and lying is what destroyed her ability to relinquish children in Armenia.
    Your behavior is going to shoot you in the face.
    Go ahead try to show the police my freedom of speech comments and report them as threats, no one that matters is listening to you.
    You have no credibility in California all the court seals you steal and use on your numerous humorous blogs don’t give you credibility.
    You are just a sore loser because I proved that you broker black market babies, I get to practice law unlicensed because I am truly talented, and Mark Geragos is my best friend and relative and will always keep me safe.
    You have no rights!
    If you did, I wouldn’t be able to tell you that you are goung to die because people would step in and say you have a right to life.
    BUT you don’t.
    Thats why no one will help you.
    Because what I plan to do us justified and everyone who is anyone agrees with that FACT!

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