Internet Law Center Announces Victory against Serial Cyber Defamer; Calls for Legislative Action

From 2011 to 2014, Kachadurian has been relentlessly stalking her multiple victims.

Cyber Report

Internet Law Center Announces Victory against Serial Cyber Defamer;

Calls for Legislative Action

SANTA MONICA, CA–Nov. 15, 2011—The Internet Law Center, a law firm based in Santa Monica, California, announced today it had achieved a significant victory for its client Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. ( of High Point, North Carolina in a federal defamation action against Vanessa Kachadurian of Fresno, California, with an $85,000 settlement.

Hopscotch and its founder Robin Sizemore, filed suit against Kachadurian in federal court in Fresno in December 2009 in response to a vicious cyber-smear campaign that began in 2006. The plaintiffs were merely one of several adoption and educational institutions to be targeted for abuse by Kachadurian under multiple identities.

“It is a gutsy move for a small non-profit like Hopscotch to say ‘enough’ and take on someone like Kachadurian who can devastate a small business,” said Internet Law Center founder Bennet Kelley.  This is…

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4 thoughts on “Internet Law Center Announces Victory against Serial Cyber Defamer; Calls for Legislative Action

  1. bennetkelleycybercriminal says:

    Hey mary where is bennet kelleys clout or legislative action. In california he is laughed out of every
    courtroom and has no political clout or relationship with anyone of power or importance. He is a little fish, trying to re spin his law office practice by pairing up woth Newbies like Heather Antoine who is very good friends with the california bar association chief intake counsel for corrupt and criminal attorneys. Ashot Muradian. Soon legislation will be passed regarding law practices. David Armstrong sends his love. …he is the star witness against you. Your biggest enemy is your have no friends left in los angeles. Hope you had a nice dinner in palm springs for your anniversery. The sister doesnt live too far from where we stay ..palm springs doesnt want you either. No one wants you Mary since the world hates kyke jews so it’s common fucking sense as soon as I kill you I will be heralded as a revolutionary and praised rightfully so for ridding the world of a diseased rat. We are getting so much closer… So very close… Justice will not be denied! I am doing this on behalf of all Armenians!

  2. bennieTheliar says:

    Bennet kelley is shunned in law circles in California. He fucked up Robins adoption business in armenia. She inly got 7 kids to sell last year 6 were severly down syndrome….got to love thosr armenians fucking her over as they do to bennet in california. Shut out of fame….poor Bennie. Too bad Bennet and Mary didn’t get shot to death in san Bernadino. They deserve worse than death. Torture is in their future. Im gonna enjoy every single second of murdering them because that shit it fully justified and the armenians in Fresno all have my back and agree. Death to the swedish jew and the jew lover hack lawyer Bennet kelley! Aluah Akbar motherfuckers!

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Bennet Kelley has no legislative clout he only has a cheap radio show online via webmaster radio FM owned by Darin Rabin that rents space to Bennet Kelley and 59 other online radio show formats. Poor Bennet he really hates losing and not getting a judgment so he resorts to online slander of anyone and everyone that hurt his little feelings (sniffle sniffle) him and his terrible “i wuv to wav and want onwine cause I am a wooser” “Santa Monica wates me” silly wabbit, fix your speech it’s horrible. One bat to the mouth frm my Armenian Mafia friends in Santa Monica will fix your teetth and shut you the fuck up! That will satisfy me until I get my hands on you to finish the job myself. Leslie is helping me because she wants Armenian Victory like I do! Were a team and will never be stopped!

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