California’s Jim Costa is the ultimate multi-tasker. I would vote for Jim.

Jim Campaigns To Bury The Hate

And he’s a very nice man,

so, I figured- why not ask Jim about this?

25 thoughts on “California’s Jim Costa is the ultimate multi-tasker. I would vote for Jim.

  1. PolitiicanBlogger says:

    hardly doubt he would listed to a whack job like you besides he is great friends with Vanessa and you are not. Run along Mary, Terrorist Barbie or whatever your real name is and stop ranting online about how you are anti-hate and are not prejudice all you do is spew hate online. Or show some guts and surface or kindly shut the fuck up. You don’t matter at all, you have never done a fuckng thing for mankind or for any cause except give lip service with those huge ugly gigantic lips. Jim Costa is a tool like the rest of the politicians. But he isn’t your tool.

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      Oh Vanessa…

      Losers never win.
      Accept your fate.
      After all, you created it.

      Maybe you will be less bitter now that you can have your civil union with your Partner and love freely and openly.

      While you will never be declared fit to adopt a child, as you are a proven danger to all children, perhaps through marriage you will gain solace.

      Your Partner will probably be allowed to visit you, upstate, regularly too.

      As for me; by comparison-

      I don’t run from anyone or anything. And I don’t need to. I write using my full & legal name.

      I earn an honest living that affords me a comfortable life and the opportunity to partake in generous charitable giving.

      I’m well-respected and dignified.

      People enjoy interacting with me.

      I don’t need to hide or pretend to be part of an ethnic group just to force people to tolerate me.

      I’m not from a small town and therefore, I’m not confined to the ridiculous small town mentality and limited capacity of Fresnans’ like you and your 4 minions whom do your bidding with stalking people at Walmart and online.

      I’m everything you envy and will never be a part of.

      You have only yourself to thank for your actions and the consequences that they have rendered and will continue to reap.

      You have ruined your own life along with the countless other lives that you have attempted to destroy in your 58 years thus far.

      To continue your abuse of children and the elderly is nothing to be proud of.

      Taking credit for the work and achievements of others is also shameful and I am embarrassed *for you* for being so ignorant and tastelessly inclined.

      Q. What have you, individually, achieved in your lifetime? Anything tangible?.

      That was a rhetorical question, Vanessa.

      -L. Mary Dagan – Föxman

    2. Cyber Gang Anonymous on Patrol says:

      Let us help you out, cause you obviously have no information that is accurate. 1) there is no half – brother 2) no paltry estate (but a nice lucrative one) beats the crap out of living in a dingy apartment in Santa monica 3) There is no partner or civil union only an ex husband from years ago that is still a very good friend 4) there is no child or elder abuse,quite the contrary that is what we fight and if you want to accuse someone of that like you did to us here in Newman go ahead no one listens to you 5) you never show your face, there is no Mary Dagan Foxman or terrorist Barbie it’s horseshit comedy from Bennet Kelley on the other hand Vanessa is very wide out in the open 6) I have not ruined my life or anyone elses, I am in full control of my destiny and so far it’s been great- helping other people and stopping human trafficking and abuse to elder people is what we fight and will continue to fight with our last breath on earth. 7) The Mystic India Show was 85% sold out and nutcracker was 100% sold out 3 shows and 4th show is free for school kids only from poor migrant farm towns like Mendota. (not like the stupid MCLE talk that Bennet tried to pull off here in Los Angeles on 6/12 and rob attorneys $300.00 ea for. 8) Mr. Bolen is a prominent attorney in Fresno, it would be wise of you to not bash him or his credibility he is not a flake like Bennet Kelley is. 9) no one peed their pants or urine down their pant leg- wasn’t wearing pants but a beautiful dress imported from India that Indian community got for Vanessa but thanks for supporting the arts if you really did purchase a ticket – if you sat in the very front row you must be a real fan – ha ha 10) responsible for fund raising and opening pediatric oncology clinic in Armenia and another one opening soon 11) Children’s Hospital of Central California is additionally a benefactor of fund raising and joint events we plan. was responsible for getting many celebrities as their ambassador of good health and they did this free of charge and shot commercials. 12) Nothing out of Bennet Kelley’s mouth is the truth, he has already been in trouble for fake filings, fake reporting to police, etc., they are all on to him and are sick and tired of his crap (but you should know this already) his career as an attorney is just about up – so he uses his marketing skills he learned at Value Click to launch a free radio Blog and continues his free writing. His late father had a good reputation in Rhode Island a very honest man, Bennet Kelley is shaming himself and his father. His behavior is immature /unprofessional, he is not a very good attorney from the stories I hear from other attorneys who by the way tell me he has Lymphoma as you do (or claim you do) using him as a citing for reference is well stupid.
      13) Made up stories don’t matter, only the truth matters. You and your twin Bennet Kelley are all about lying and this is why neither of you have a reputable career. Your writing is terrible and lacks any professional structure.
      14) Bennet is obviously making a lot of enemies someone is blabbing all over the place about your big fuck up at Value Click and the FTC crap that happened with identity theft. This is what happens when you make enemies, everywhere in your world eyes are watching. You are the enemy of people, bigot remarks and sarcasm toward everyone.
      15) Facilitated the book signing and personal appearance of Mark Geragos for Fresno Bar/Paralegal Association and made the event open to the law students as San Joaquin College of Law and very inexpensive not at $300.00 a pop like that cheap event here in Los Angeles 6/12 that no one attended.

      you on the other hand let us count your many accomplishments: Such human rights activisim (NOT) have a fake website like this

      1) make up fake stories about people, make fake phone calls harassing people (LOL)
      2) call yourself terrorist Barbie, claim to be a hostage
      3) have no journalism career, no books, no impending marriage, shamelessly claim you have lymphoma and using that to play victim. While many people suffer from this you have done NOTHING to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You kykes are all thieves and rats anyhow who won’t give a penny to get the important historical film the 40 days of musa dagh made- fucking whore bitch!
      4) you are on a hate campaign (even “the Dirty” rejected you) against anyone that stand up to your client and the truth comes out. right Bennet we told you we would turn the adoption industry upside down because of your lying client, you knew about the arrest in Republic of Georgia, Robin’s constant marketing of children that are not available then baits the people to another country. She is no saint and everyone in Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Morocco and Ghana know this. Robin is in big trouble with the Moroccan muslims for selling muslim children to her Christian right wing-clients under a fake Kefalah. Muslim children belong in muslim households not with people who lie that they are converting to buy a kid that is why Morrocco shut her down. Mission Accomplished!!!! down 69% and the erosion will continue till no more children are bought and sold. You were chickenshit trying to hide the names of the people that stopped their contract with Robin till the last minute, you delayed the case to steal more than $206,000 in legal fees from lying Robin.
      5) You have never stood up for anything that is tangible only latching on to the Sterling racism stories and other crap spun to take money from him. Never standing for the underdog always for crap like Robin Sizemore who got her facilitator arrested in Republic of Georgia, caused an orphan with dwarfism to die because she switched in country facilitators and the adoption took 3+ years the boy needed health care and the foster mom that robin was paying to get it for him pocketed the money. That is why Repubilic of Georgia and Armenia watch her. Not to mention Ghana and morocco shut down on her, soon Bulgaria will too. You created it and brought it on your client and both will pay for all the children stolen from their mothers.
      6) you have never raised money for helping others, there is no stupid froken platina or whatever
      7) everything you do is to promote yourself and only for you.
      8) there is no best friend from Nigeria, you have no friends. Except a fish oops wife called Wanda.
      9) Marc Stefano was a good guy (an attorney) he was not your relative or your friend.
      10) Varuz Samuelian was not your god father either, you shamelessly lie again.
      11) no “Whos Who” of anything its a paid for scam that does this service. you are the “whos who of nothing” they always bother people for money to join their scam
      12) You assisted a child trafficker even when you had evidence about her bribes, her witness list you withheld, till pushed to reveal.
      13) continually harassed elderly/sick parents of Vanessa with countless court documents sent to their home when you knew that was not her residence. you caused embarrassment to local law firm and to Christopher Seymour that had to trail behind you apologizing to everyone. When his law firm closed their doors- he luckily was hired on somewhere else. You caused him a lot of problems in the law community because of your unethical practices.

      Face it your entire life is one big lie, so bad that you have to act like a woman with lymphoma, who has no career helping people – or fighting bigotry. Just a bag of wind and ghost mouthpiece for Bennet Kelley.

      One thing is for sure if you every have the balls to show up in public, we will confront you and see how brave you really are. I am not afraid of you or your alter ego Bennet Kelley, I am never afraid of loser cowards. Bennet you will have to eventually leave California and head back to Rhode Island. We don’t have room for you in California. We will throw you in the shalllow grave after we kill Mary the monster kyke, her family, you, your family, and all of your pets too!

    3. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      See folks:
      Stalker/Abuser Vanessa Jean Kachadurian is on another manic harassment tangent.

      Notice the voice of her tirade:
      Third person, first person, third person, and so on.

      For not being an obsessed stalker, this creep sure does allocate the majority of her days with activity that speaks volumes of her lust-filled fixation towards me.

      It’s very creepy and gross that I am being stalked by this 58 year old Fresnan, her Partner, a female school principal in the same age group, and their minion who is 10 years my junior whom they are all grooming to lead their moronic local crusades.

      -L. Mary Dagan-Föxman

  2. Alberto Gomez says:

    Dear Lady whatever your name is;
    I happened to find your stupid blog quite by accident and it’s a literary nightmare of confusion. You claim to be a human rights activist yet seem to be jealous and hateful toward Armenians and in particular one Armenian woman. Those that actually stand up to wrong and make it right, to those that actually make a difference which you don’t do anything except rant, and forward articles by other people. Just like your alter ego in Santa Monica (one and the same) you seem to really try to be someone but just cannot quite do it. I too was at the production of Mystic India and no one was in the front row except dignitaries of Fresno. You were not in seat 28 because those seats were for the mayors office and staff. You are quite amusing with your crazy writing about how the MC had urine running down her leg. You have done nothing your entire life except latch onto others. We Armenians know how you feel about us. Must be the jealous of achievement, having businesses, lucrative law firms and writing careers not to mention owning movie studios and TV Studios. While you grovel around trying to fit in somewhere, let us know when you have decided to accept your hatred and jealous you have for others that have everything in life and decide to help others. When you can quantify what it is you have ever done surely you will be broadcasting it instead of venom and vile rantings toward those that have worked hard. Until then Jim Costa’s office would greatly welcome you stopping by our offices anytime if you have any ideas or leadership qualities to accomplish anything beside random writings. You could at least stop by with a wedding invitation.

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      Hi Vanessa- I’m sorry, “Alberto”… No seats weren’t “reserved” for the Mayor and/or her staff.

      The pants peeing video is hilarious. I have it. Not you.

      Ticketmaster sold the tickets- not even a ticket broker was needed.

      Fresno has no living dignitaries to speak of.

      Mystic India should have been a sold out show but the venue was- at best 70% filled as the tax scheme known as the Lively Arts Foundation (run by Mr. Bolen and siphoned to fund Kachadurian’s endless legal fees for her violent crimes and hate crime threats), can’t promote any event well enough to even look as though theirs is a non-fraudulent group.

      Your half-brother will soon be further reducing your paltry allowance from his deceased Fathers “estate” in the near future due to the headache you have caused him by your repeated hate mongering racist death threats towards me.

      -L. Mary Dagan – Föxman

  3. Alberto Gomez says:

    You are well respected by no one. That is why you have to stay out of public and never publicize your phone number or address. That woman is very prominent in Fresno and California. Unlike you, she has a lot of friends in very high places in politics and the Armenian mafia underground and has raised a lot of money for Jim Costa (not like the fictious Froken Platina) You are not from Fresno, You are not from California. You don’t even exist, you are poison. The “whos who” is bought and paid for, a scam web site, you have not attended college in Fresno or Berkeley. You might attend city college in Santa Monica but that is it. You make phone calls around town but never leave your return number trying to say that “so and so” is trying to kill you. Keep wishing you are important. We will kill you just so you can finally get something published in the paper-your obituary or should I say, oBITCHyouary!!! Keep up the great behavior with Bennet Kelley no one in California listens to you. Go get yourself a paying job instead of imitating an ugly woman with lymphoma who is some sort of “Terrorist Barbie”

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      Wow. “Prominent in Fresno”. Now THAT’s hitting the big time!
      FresNo, California! OH MY! How amazing! The city that leads the way for all international commerce and industry to follow! Ha ha ha! (Slow clap for FresNo’s delusional townspeople)

    2. Alberto Gomez says:

      Shows how much you know, you bash wealthy Fresno on one hand but claim to live there (among other areas) then claim to promote the local arts (snicker) if Fresno is so beneath you why are you so preoccupied with the town that was the agri center of the world. What Canada? where murders can flee and get free crappy health care (hey maybe your chemo is cheaper there) or Sweden the arm pit of the world.
      Why so much hate to Fresno to Armenians or to that sweet lady that you have never met? You tried very hard to destroy the community in Newman / Gustine and you lied about child molestors and abusers. You made up crap just like you are making up about the people in Fresno. We know what you did. You worked your way onto their Facebook page to be their friend, they befriended you then you turned on them like a psycho BITCH. Even got them to feel sorry for you with your fake lymphoma story. YEP YOU ARE A CRAZY TERRORIST BARBIE. whatever, you have a lot of enemies and you own it.

  4. Alberto Gomez says:

    Hey Mary aka Terrorist Barbie or whatever looks like your hitting the big time
    Using as a personal vendetta against someone that YOU started harassing, we know what you did on Fresno Armenians and how you have accused people of child abuse that you don’t know. Slapping my knee with laughter over your stupidity and what was that? oh yes a cimininalogisit that is afraid for her life. LMAO Bennet Kelley you should get a life.

    Next time you call someone make sure leave your phone number poor Geneva Maynard is trying to get ahold of you about those cops that murdered her son cause you said you would help her but you didn’t leave a number LMAO

    1. Alberto Gomez says:

      UC Berkeley …NO CSU FRESNO………NO Canada………..NO Fresno……….NO Gustine……….NO Santa Monica……….Yes. face it your entire life is made up. Terrorist Barbie LMAO

  5. Alberto Gomez says:

    you are crazy no one has made death threats against you and you were not in the front row, you are a liar. Those were all taken by members of the Fresno Community law offices, law makers, and city Council. Funny I have videos of that fantastic international performance and no peeing down the leg of anyone but as ridiculous as you sound and are- go ahead and make all the wild claims you want. It won’t change anything for Fresno or the City Council, local law makers or anything else that you have absolutely nothing to do with.

    that was a fantastic show, amazing how many people support the arts and our organizations. Did you also catch the part where Vanessa got an award from the Punjabi Skih community for supporting their community? Ha, no you probably were not there or even got a personal invitation from the Mayor.

    thanks for supporting the ARTs, even though you act like fresno is beneath you. LMAO, if you hate it so much maybe you should leave it to the people who love their town and community. We will make sure you have tickets for 7 time tony award winner Audra McDonald where shall we send your invitation to your address in Santa Monica, Canada – maybe Sweden or is that Fresno?

    but nice try, keep trying from your little apartment. thank god no one listens to you – hey do you need some inside help to get medical attention we can make sure you get the help you need. If you really have lymphoma (which we hope you don’t) you really should be concentrating on positive things and get the right treatment. Too bad you don’t really know Vanessa or anyone in our medical community she could actually help you like she has helped other people with lymphoma but you continue to be a shit head liar.
    Let us know when you want the help for your lymphoma, we have the connections to the L and L society and the fund that gave $4 million in research for them, we also now all the research physicians etc., No time to waste on you…we have to help those that really need it. Not those that lie about everything.

    Do you still drive that crappy old Mercedes that kept breaking down on the 405, Bennet has Lympoma too, but you knew that didn’t you? Funny how this information here in Los Angeles gets around. Bennet is marked in Los Angeles, but never fear you are not. But it was his own attorney friends that turned on him.

    Make sure you leave your phone number and address next time you make one of your wacko phone calls. “hello my name is Mary shithead Foxman, I am a journalist and well everyone is out to get me. I don’t know Vanessa, but she is trying to kill me, I have a death threat from her” LMAO

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      The IP Address associated with this comment is: The ISP is AT&T. The physical location is 8665 N. Cedar Ave, unit #109, Fresno, California, USA. This is the home of 》Vanessa Jean Kachadurian《 – international cyber criminal and (offline) repeat violent offender.

  6. Cyber Gang Anonymous on Patrol says:

    PHONE SCRIPT FROM LADY MARY DAGAN FOXMAN: “hello my name is terrorist Barbie oops I mean Mary Dagan foxman but I go by Lady Mary Dagan Foxman” “Anyways, I am a journalist and have created a career for myself helping people ” (slapping knee in laughter here) “I want to report to you that Vanessa (insert name here that you fantasize about) is trying to kill me” “Let me correct myself, I don’t know her or anyone else but I hate her” “I am being threatened by her, I have the proof” (more laughter)
    RESPONSE FROM THE OTHER END: “Can we have your full legal name, address and phone number and we will follow up on this”
    PHONE SCRIPT FROM LADY MARY DAGAN FOXMAN: click the phone hangs up
    RESPONSE FROM THE OTHER END: “lady er Mary you there”
    RESPONSE FROM THE OTHER END: Wow, that woman is bat shit crazy.

    LMAO. Great job Mary you convinced the entire world you are crazy. and no one cares what Bennet Kelley has to say he is as crazy as you are. But he has more enemies.

    Wait one minute here, she has credibility look at her impressive list of accomplishments and how many cases she has solved (LMAO) and how many books she has written (more laughter)
    She has more wigs than the local wig shop, and has people take photos of her around Fresno landmarks like Davit of Sasoon statue in the Courthouse park (even more laughter)
    but the knee slapping funniest is SHE IS THE GOD DAUGHTER OF VARUZ SAMUELIAN AND MARC STEFANO.


  7. Cyber Gang Anonymous on Patrol says:


    The Brothers VERSUS The Barbie

    The Mirmehdi Brothers, 2001 to 2005. (SHH- They don’t know me)
    Mary Dagan-Föxman, 2009 to 2012.

    All of that time, stolen from these men.
    For no reason.

    They can’t get that time back. They will never fully recover from this horrific trauma.

    The Mirmehdi Brothers are finally out of custody. (Yes, and they don’t know you)

    Several years later…
    The MEK has been removed from the US “watch list” and is no longer deemed as dangerous.

    The last I heard of the progression of the Mirmehdi Brothers Civil Damages Case against the US was dismissed in California Federal Court. (And rightfully so)

    I wish these men would go public with their story. (They would be foolish to, besides they have your big blabber mouth to speak for them )

    Yes, this would be emotionally taxing for them, however, I think that ethics and integrity should over-ride their silence. (how would you know it they have ethics and integrity, you don’t know them)

    They have the ability to warn masses of people that NO ONE is “safe”, this detainment was not only perpetrated upon their family.

    I got the full “Mirmehdi Treatment” myself.

    31 months total. Solitary. No Charges. (Oh No Say it isn’t so) (Maybe it was a mental institution)
    Also in California.

    Extorted by Police, Lawyers, and “reliable criminal informants” (2 strangers with prison priors and “strikes” for drug cases and violent crimes.) (Sure, Sure – Yawn)

    They were illegally in the US, signed up for that “special visa” and now they proclaim themselves to be, “Junior Attorneys working for the head DA”. (Well now, impersonating an Attorney and accepting money is punishable by jail time) We know that is more of your bizarre stories.

    I was born in California, a US Born Citizen by default. (If you are not a proud American you should
    I’m also of mixed heritage, however, I’m not Iranian myself. (Leave and come to Palestine)

    I’m Judaica Masoníque and I am that one person who really does extremely nice random acts of kindness, (Oh! The scandal!). (What random acts of kindness?) what? Where? When?


    I got re-named “Terrorist Barbie” by the police and, it’s really stuck. Much easier to remember and pronounce than my true name, Lady Mary Dagan-Föxman. (LADY? YOU ARE NO LADY YOU ARE A TERRORIST BARBIE) (you have not been ordained a “Lady”) and that name doesn’t exist. The best private eyes have searched for you and zip nada, nothing.

    Better luck next time. The Genre I write is FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION AND A TOUCH OF PSYCHO THRILLER.


    Powered by InstantPage® from Want one?

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      The IP Address associated with this comment is: The ISP is AT&T. The physical location is 8665 N. Cedar Ave, unit #109, Fresno, California, USA. This is the home of 》Vanessa Jean Kachadurian《 – international cyber criminal and (offline) repeat violent offender.

  8. Cyber Gang Anonymous on Patrol says:


    ARE THE MIRMEHDI BROTHERS GOING TO BE THERE? are you going to live in your crappy little apartment, gonna live on your salary as a professional blogger oops professional and published writer (LMAO)

  9. EnlargeME says:

    Even Cyber Stalkers and Fraud Scammers like SOON TO BE DEAD HUNG BY HER JEW NECK FROM A WOODWARD PARK TREE WHILE WE ALL CHEER Mary Dagan-Foxman of Panaloop Panacoin (slapping the knee in laughter) need PENIS enlargement. E Mail

    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      The IP Address associated with this comment is: The ISP is AT&T. The physical location is 8665 N. Cedar Ave, unit #109, Fresno, California, USA. This is the home of 》Vanessa Jean Kachadurian《 – international cyber criminal and (offline) repeat violent offender.

  10. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Mary is the criminal just ask Tunisia and Netherlands, they know who she works for.
    The big liar who never wrote a book in her life (like Bennet Kelley) “Reporters without Borders” (big lie)
    Mary is who stalked Fresno coming around taking pictures at our landmarks then coming to our theatre and stalking the show by taking photo graphs and really just checking out how successful our town really is and why it’s successful because of Armenians who built the town.
    You are a cruel and sick woman who we heard was very close to Bennet when you were strolling down on the tower district. What did you do share a hotel room with Bennet Kelley afterwards? At least that is what the Tower security cameras prove.
    Bennet Kelley is a hack, they want him out of Santa Monica and out of their city attorney’s office, and police department. He had a very stern warning about provoking and using his “proxies”. to harm Vanessa, they know what you are doing Bennet it’s no secret. One of the reason you will never be on the city planning of Santa Monica they will not allow it. You made David Armstrong go out on a mental stress leave, he cannot stand you for lying and manipulating.

    Your little Mary, came into our Fresno Armenian facebook page and you came into our town taking ridiculous photos of your hot mama “L. Mary Dagan-Foxman AKA FILTHY DIRTY KYKE PRINCESSS” invading our space.
    Death to those who invade OUR space! Death to the Swedish Jews!

    Even Darin Rabin has had his fill of your and your silly behavior. Bennet Kelley can only dream of being famous and work full time cranking out stupid radio show that all of 4 people listen to. Just to try and sound credible you steal the photos of Paul Krekorian (a great guy) and Gil Garcetti (my cousin!) and other politicians , like they are your friends.
    THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS, you are not in politics or anyone of importance in the democratic party.

    You pathetic liar Bennet you cost Robin Sizemore her business in Armenia she barely gets 4 kids out of there (you and her ex friend Jeanne Sobie) you were surprised when you found she made millions selling babies. Admit it you had no idea she was lying to you about the contract that instructed her clients to give “gifts” to orphanage workers, and why she was fired from Carolina Adoptions Services. Admit it you were duped into helping a scumbag human trafficker the lowest criminal on earth. Ben Smith is blabbing his guts out as well about the entire mess you created in Iowa all because you hate Rip off Report and they have the upper hand on you as they have a great attorney representing them and you cannot compete with her. What is it that you really hate about Ed Magnueuson, and everyone else that you disparage online? Is it because we don’t take your crap and stand up to your behavior. Honestly Bennet and his little hoochie mama Mary you have no credibility or clout, Robin’s former BFF was blabbing her guts about all the underhanded crap Robin was pulling AH but you don’t care because you care less about human rights. Robin is done and so is adoption in general they are down by 94% shrinking every year. Robin still dreams of the day when she was able to bribe poor impoverished pregnant single women with her fake attorney Eduard Amalyan who drives a mercedes while most people in villages live below poverty level. Yes, this is the SCUM you partnered with.
    You really should get a better looking proxy model, this chick you use is quite ugly, from what I hear, lots of surgery, fake boobs, fake lips, etc., Hopefully you are paying her enough to wear those silly wigs. You think by harming innocent people you hurt me? You make yourself look even crazier than you are.

    Attacking great people like Leslie Davis and Vartush Mesropyan (she just got married) is really low of you. They are my best friends in this world and I will not allow you to defame them!
    The crap you are writing only makes you look bad.

    The California Armenian Home is begging me to help support them and no one will they don’t need Armenian support anymore they are fleecing MediCARE/MediCAID while still being fined by the State and Federal Government.

    We have our own small group homes we don’t need that money pit we have our own nursing homes that really take care of people not starve, steal from the residents that have no one to protect them. Hopefully they sell, at least that is what we are hoping for.
    My late father built that building, it’s our business what we choose to do with the nursing home not yours.
    The long term nurses that have been there 20+ years all know me and my late father, they know the truth and what is happening.


    There is no future for you in California, you have done a great job destroying your business.
    Turn over that pittance of a nest egg you have to me immediately because you are going to pay with cash first and then your life, just like Lady Mary Dagan-Foxman.

    Remember you have no restraining on you, it was all removed that was part of the bargain from Terry White so I would go away with 2 little misdemeanors and 9 months that will be wiped out very shortly.

    I don’t know why they didn’t want to go to court, it must have been something to do with you lying to David Armstrong and them looking badly.

    They really wanted you out of their courtroom especially with the legal professionals i have in the background that were speaking to Terry, stacks and stacks of information.

    They wanted you far away from you as they could get, do you remember the warning you got? Let me refresh your memory. “If you don’t leave Vanessa Kachadurian alone I will prosecute you” don’t think you can hide behind a law license it means nothing.
    Shit, even though I practice law- WITHOUT A LICENSE- I STILL accomplish WAY MORE than YOU!

    Remember Judge Seng in Fresno who also told you to stay away and that “This Case is closed” you twist the facts of a case you lie about everything you have no judgement you have nothing.
    You cannot harm me you only hurt your self and Robin., her business in Armenia is destroyed because of you. Go ahead ask her how many train wrecks she sold out of Armenia in 2015. The report from the US State Department will be out next month in March, (Congress has to approve it first) and it’s not looking too good. She has destroyed the industry along with other dishonest people. Shrinking every year more and more, soon Robin will have to do something drastic then she will shoot herself in the foot again. Her lying has forced the US State Department to make not 1 but 2 formal statements about misrepresentations on the State Department official website (don’t bother stealing their seal)
    sour grapes Bennet Kelley, no stardom for him only laughter and pity. Bennet and his ugly side kick proxy. You want to go another 6 years, go ahead I care less I enjoy making you look like an idiot in the courtroom.
    To think we were nice to your “Mary” when she came into our Fresno Armenian’s page just for her to disparage and be crazy cruel to us all. Then you shamelessly lie telling a few attorneys you have leukemia just like Mary does and we actually felt bad for her.
    Lying about cancer is sick, I even offered to get her in with the best specialists in the area. Lie to gain sympathy great job. Pathetic piece of shit. While you keep up your crap …we work in the background helping you to destroy yourself where is Heather Antoine?
    You make phone calls and we can make phone calls too about you, but we are more effective as we actually have Armenians that work in high important places in California that gladly will help out.

    Your choice keep it up another 6 years or put your silly disguises and knives down. You destroyed Robin’s business in Armenia and you do yourself no favors…lets just say those speaking engagements you want so badly are a fantasy. No one wants to hear you speak, especially judges in California.

  11. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    More Bennet Kelley Comedy writing the court houses have a good laugh at Bennet: The same ones who laugh at you now wont even show up at your funeral and pretend to care. Leslie and me can’t decide which part will be more fun- when we stab you in your big gut or when we start to skin Mary Dagan-Foxmans ugly face off while she screams and begs like the dog she is for us to stop. All of our plans are set in place. The torture. The money. the JUSTICE. WE WILL WIN IT ALL! FOR ARMENIA! FOR OUR PEOPLE! FOR OUR LEGACY!

  12. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Jim has no campaign for anything except hanging out with millionaire Armenian Farmers., I just saw him at our church ARS luncheon at Holy Trinity and he was his usual self and kissing my ass. The only offender is Bennet Kelley who lies about knowing politicians and making policy. They don’t listen to Bennet Kelley, no ONE listens to Bennet Kelley, that is why he uses a proxy in wigs and creates stories that are so sensational and scandal riddled they are comedy. Poor Bennet still trying to get back at all his enemies (People who make him look like an ass in the courtroom) Kelley remember when you sat across from me with that sad deposition that revealed the millions your client made and her contract and other tidbits? Why were you shaking like a little boy? You cannot win in court so you emark on online or social media games. Go ahead keep going your own reputation is horrible, no one will hire you as a speaker not because of your terrible legal reputation but because you are so non professional, your voice is bad and your breath loudly through your nose. Darin Rabin even laughs at you. did you pay your webmaster radio fm bill this month? You should really confess before you are annihilated. We are watching you and we will get you soon. You have very little time left to make things right. You and the Kyke Mary better give me the money that the Armenian Mafia wants or my brother will just relieve you of your real estate. I have a lot of friends at the recorders office. Its real esay to change who owns a property. Pay the money you owe now for upsetting us Armenians! We want our restitution from shotheads like you! And we will get it! So you wanna do it thw easy way or the hard way? YOU WILL PAY THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION!

    You can always have Lady Mary on your show. she can wear her don matrix outfit. I think you have some apologies to make with those people in Netherlands that you attacked they don’t seem so bad.

  13. BennetKelleyScumbag says:

    Bennet has no career has has to scrape the barrel like a bottom dweller and do scut work for Raj and Scott of which he is not getting any money. Bennet then goes to family members looking for causing problems in families like a coward, oh it will cost him and apparently already has. Piss off Bennet you are nobody in Los Angeles, at the Bar, or in Radio, or journalism you are a fraud drunk. It’s over and you did it to yourself with your behavior. Oh by the Way …Robin Sizemore is a whore, she was fucking the son of an orphanage director. Could never conceive by her ugly hillbilly husband James Otis then low and behold gets knocked up and has Mason. A huge whore that paid you a lot of money to stop the truth. And her friends over at ATWA they are going out of business and they have themselves to blame, big liars purchasing kids out of Japan for open adoptions and it will come to an end. You needed that money so much she threw your way you did anything to hurt me and my family and for that you will NEVER NEVER have a life worth living in California or in law, you and your business are done in California. Every attorney laughs at you, and Heather has been warned by her Armenian Lawyer friends. .

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