Histrionic Psychopathy & Historical Hatred of Jews: Catching the Cyber Psychopath, A Case Study (file: notes, etc)


Kachadurian is racist and hates Jews. Yes, she's "mentally unfit" to be trusted to care for a child. Hatred isn't a stand-alone mental illness though.
Kachadurian is racist and hates Jews. Yes, she’s “mentally unfit” to be trusted to care for a child. Hatred isn’t a stand-alone mental illness though.

Catching the Cyber Psychopath, A Case Study (file: notes, etc)

11 thoughts on “Histrionic Psychopathy & Historical Hatred of Jews: Catching the Cyber Psychopath, A Case Study (file: notes, etc)

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    1. (SE) L. Mary Dagan-Föxman says:

      The IP Address associated with this comment is: The ISP is AT&T. The physical location is 8665 N. Cedar Ave, unit #109, Fresno, California, USA. This is the home of 》Vanessa Jean Kachadurian《 – international cyber criminal and (offline) repeat violent offender.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your lips aren’t big enough, do you think your kyke nose looks distinguished?

    Be nice remember who controls politics, commerce and a lot of business in California. You are being watched and so is Robin, she knows why the bulk of her business is those Republican evangelical people back east or desperate people like Beth and Joel Shepherd who pay a lot of money to buy a kid. But it’s over 100%, Robin has no respect but her ex employee/friend Jeannie Sobie Does. Poor Bennet Kelley a washed up Attorney who once had a bright career before he went to the dark side with his fraudulent indictments and filing malicious prosecutions in California and Iowa. Everyone knows about you and your far reaching filings to harass people or try to cause them financial or emotional stress.

    You lose everytime, 10 hours of being questioned by the Santa Monica City Manager and Police Department sealed your reputation. And it sealed their fate. No one messes with Armenians, bitches. When will you learn? Not that nigger Detective of that fruity nutcase Armstrong. We OWN Los Angeles. No one cares if a black cop dies anyhow.
    They still watch you and L. Mary Dagan Foxman., you and Michael Roberts should pick a better looking woman for your stealth proxy, she is ugly.

    We heard when you brought her to Fresno for your famous photos you fucked her afterwards in a cheap hotel, then you took her wig off and ejaculated in it. While Michael Roberts was watching. Ben Smith is in a lot of trouble too, for taking your flimsy poorly written indictment, you had every attorney who read it laughing their asses off at your fantasy land you create. Elonis case was great wasn’t it, supreme court ruled the right way.

    You will never change politics you have no clout no one listens to you or Jayne Hitchcock or her stupid therapy dog.
    I’ll cut her throat and adopt her dog since she’s too busy pimping out her stoopid books to care for the damn dog.

    The State Department is real close to closing down the Moroccan operation, Bulgaria will be next year and Uganda is done. Next they are going to go after her in Guyana. She will have no countries to sell kids from anymore, all those poor families that want answers. She divided up twins when she worked at Carolina Adoption Services and other underhanded crap, that is why she was fired. Don’t pretend you don’t know she was fired, she was FIRED for giving money to physicians for private independent adoptions they use to help her locate poor single mothers. It’s all over, no more selling kids. You should forget this nonsense with the internet and human traffickers and find a real job.
    We won’t quit until you are out of business, Michael Robert’s work won’t pay you enough for that flaky web based radio show that no one listens to. Seriously Darren Rabin had nothing positive to say except you are 1 of 60 radio shows that pays him, move on Bennet Kelley L. Mary Dagan-foxman the Terrorist Barbie is exposed.

    Maury Smolin et al equal opportunity leeches have been watching you for over 7 months, why do you think you can’t get a protective order?
    They all know you are a creepy beat off artist, that loves yourself.

    Cancer sucks doesn’t it? Maybe you should crash a cancer gala they might let you in, but then you never are a part of anything important just self absorbed things for Bennie the beat off artist. Seriously your reputation is shit in California, laughable–how do you think we found out you were sick? poor David Armstrong another sick guy you did a number on him – manipulating his sickness. then it backfired like it did in Iowa. RipOff Report wins again, what really makes you pissed is they reported the truth about your sick behavior in the courtroom. Lazy Bennet Kelley writing fantasy indictments and causes of action that are not actionable. Bennet Kelley the Vexatious Litigant soon to be late Bennet Kelley.

    Here is your obituary.

    Bennet Kelley led a dishonorable life, he lied and stole government seals to appear famous or credible.
    aka L. Mary Dagan-Foxman – Terrorist Barbie he abused his officer of the court status to become a bottom dwelling attorney
    resorted to doing side jobs for cyber criminals.

    Disguised as helping victims of “cyber harassment” Bennet was actually the one victimizing people all over the Internet, simple because he believed he could. He didn’t bank on people in high places watching him and laughing at “Wrote the book on Internet Law” (another book we all missed”
    May he rest in peace the little fat ugly bastard with a speech impediment

    Never say we didn’t warn you, told you about adoptions and how they would tank.
    Told you would never become anything in California except another little ant, a nothing a nobody that hides behind a fake persona L. Mary Dagan – Foxman. She’s so dead that she doesn’t exist!

    Nik Ritchie won’t be stopped, Rip Off report won’t be stopped they know you are the enemy.

    Poor Bennet never famous just a big anus. get YOUR PENIS OUT OF THE FILE. the City Attorney’s office got a kick out of that one, that is all you do is put your penis in the file and get yourself further scorned by legal field.

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Hey Jayne Hitchcock don’t think for one moment Bennet Kelley is some sort of saint.
    In the legal communty he is known as the online slander punk. No one respects him, in fact he rents space on web master to have a plat form to advertise himself. He has even slandered other attorneys (ones that kick his ass in court) then parades around with porn revenge models to get back at his enemies and you know who is his enemy? EVERYONE that wins against him, Plus Bennet loves to slander Republicans he really hates them but the Democratic party won’t let him back in after his stunts. Especially in California as he knows that Armenians control this in Los Angeles and he is not welcome near any Democratic event not even volunteering. What do you think of an attorney that cyber squats on another attorney’s webs site just because he is winning.? Oh yes and Bennet Kelley is known as having his Penis in the file another attorney told me that – Kelley has a poor reputation that is why he has to do his own thing. or latch onto another law firm as an “advisor” or whatever. L. Mary Dagan Foxman is disturbed read the crap and look at all of these disguises – then she will lie and say she has cancer don’t trust her.

    Still, Balsam settles enough lawsuits and collects enough from judgments to make a living. He has racked up well in excess of $1 million in court judgments and lawsuit settlements with companies accused of sending illegal spam.
    And like any real American, Balsam has mortal enemy: Defense lawyer Bennet Kelley, who created a website to rival Balsam’s (www.danhatesspam.com was the original; Kelly’s version was http://www.danhatespam.com). Kelley says that Balsam is “exploiting” the anti-spam laws under which he files his lawsuits.

    Bennet Kelley makes a living representing SPAM marketeers who harass consumers. I will let him tell you what happened at Value Click because enough Attorneys have sent the lawsuit the FCC fined Value Click because of Bennet Kelley’s slimy breach of privacy.

    Oh I doubt if he will publish this reply. or his hoochie mama Lady Mary Dagan-Foxman. His sidekick of nothing. just a couple of sad wannabes.
    You should write about this in your next “book”. Probablly you are too chickenshit though. Not a real writer like me.
    You are just poor white trash.

    I’m already very wealthy from my writing career. I even get paid NOT to write. Just ask Mary Dagan-Foxman since she is going to be paying me to not write about her.
    I’m a multifaceted businesswoman. You would never understand a woman of my talents.

  4. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    ALL OF THIS BECAUSE BENNET KELLEY COULDN’T STOP THE TRUTH ABOUT HIS BABY SNATCHER CLIENT. SORE LOSER, HEY Bennet Kelley ….guess what? Not only is Robin an Odar (hardly actionable) but she likes to have sex outside of her marriage with other men. She was fucking the son of the orphanage director in Republic of Georgia., the were so drunk one night they crashed their car. It’s the truth ask her about it. At least that is what the Georgians tell me (they hate her guts that is why they closed her down)


    Hey Bennet, ask that rich kyke Mary Dagan-Foxman to buy you your life back. I am taking a page out of Robin’s book and accepting money now to look the other way and MAYBE I will be willing to allow your freedom to be bought. Dont low-ball me with an insultingly paltry offer though. As you and Foxman KYKE both know, us Armenians are all VERY WEALTHY and we ALL know VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE so we CONTROL is your life is heaven or hell, AND when it ENDS. Tell the KYKE BITCH to pay up.

  5. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Oh oh I stalk you Lady Mary Dagan-foxman?
    Why don’t you tell everyone the truth how you got yourself invited into our Fresno Armenian facebook page and we invited you to our church felt sorry for you as u lied and said you had cancer. You then came to Fresno with fat slob Bennet – to take photos at our David of Sassun, then you went to the Saroyan Theater (yes a real writer with a pulitizer prize) to stalk our show there.
    Lmao, you don’t have the guts to confront me to my face and neither does your twin Bennet Kelley. (a sad pathetic has been) the City Attorney’s office has the clip about me from webmaster radio fm, who ORDERED Bennet Kelley to take it down. Yes we talked to the owner of Webmaster radio but he already knows about the real Bennet Kelly – it doesn’t take long before the real side comes out. so Mary you KYKE JEW BITCH, if you want us to leave you alone, because in your twisted mind you think youre being “stalked” (slapping my knee in laughter!), your first payment of 80 grand cash beter be on my fucking doorstep within 1 WEEK. and if it’s not then I am going on tv with Leslie, Vartush and Zar to tell ALL OF FRESNO about the filthy scheming Armenian-hating KYKE BITCH that is on our turn trying to write about our town. Better pay up. No matter what happens though, youre still gonna get killed.

  6. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    BTW you should read the Huffington blogs how they get heated when Bennet Kelley slams Netanyahu (Bibi) LMAO talk about jew hater. but I still am the winner of the who hates the filthy Kyke jEEEEEEEEWs the most contest bitches! I speak on behalf of ALL ARMENIANS when I tell you that WE LOATHE THE JEWS! Like the Kyke Jew Mary Dagan-Foxman, the rich bitch who owes me money for defaming me online tellng lies that I have written bad things about her online. Fucking lying Kyke! Better to be a DYKE than a KYKE! The only chosen thing about the jews is that they were chosen to OBEY the Armenian people! WE have ALL the POWER! Especially in California! you have to turn over your dirty jew money to us so we can make it clean again! you people OWE US more oney than can ever be totaled up for all the harm you have caused the Armenian People! Mary you fucking Kyke slut, I KNOW your family is rich and YOU BETTER FUCKING START PAYING ME to keep your ugly ass alive because otherwise I will go ahead with my plan t o kill you for free bitch!

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