Vanessa Kachadurian: Fresno Criminal #1

Vanessa Jean Kachadurian:

Perhaps your handlers will be smart enough to discourage you from interfering with ongoing police and private investigations and persuade you to end stalking the family members of murder victims and possibly have you refrain from aiding your fellow paedophiles in their violent raping of minor children in Stanislaus County.

Again, these are more examples as to why you were DENIED adoption of a child.

What upstanding adoption agency, in the US or abroad, would actually approve the likes of you- a child predator to become an adoptive parent?


No human being with a conscience supports child sex trafficking.

What is somehow even more cruel is that you are so adamant about specifically adopting an impoverished Armenian child to inflict your sadism upon. A child who would be at your mercy. With no recourse to leave.

Your appetite for abusing children is insatiable, your remorse is non-existent.

Your Fresno accomplices in this matter whom regularly give you access to Fresno Armenian private school children for you to apply your paedophile grooming methods upon are inexcusably evil as well as equally complicit, morally and legally.

And your most recent attempts to use social media to allocate the majority of the blame for your criminality towards Fresno State Student Ms. Vartush Mesropyan, who is too young to know how serious your previous crimes are, the consequences of your present and ongoing crimes, and how you are attempting to set her up to take the fall for your cyber-stalking just further solidify the obvious:

Vanessa Jean Kachadurian, you are a spineless coward.
Beyond rehabilitation.

Not above reproach.

And you are committing crimes throughout the US and Canada, therefore, your criminal cases won’t be combined, you will serve prison time consecutively in one state, and then be transferred to another to await trial, sentencing, and serving the sentence of that jurisdiction at a facility of their discretion. And so on.

Get ready for a long ride.

You will become a famous Armenian. Famous for hate crimes, stalking and child rape among other less flattering accolades.

Your life’s work will be very public and hopefully will reflect upon you personally, not upon Armenian people overall.

The Armenian people deserve positive role models. No one would wish you upon their international community.

– L. Mary Dagan – Föxman
This photograph from your Facebook page is rather disturbing. Your name is Vanessa, not “Vanoush”. End the charade that is your creepy existence.


Why would a non-paedophile post this photo?

They wouldn’t.

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