VIOLENT Vanessa Kachadurian: Vicious Attack Documented! ASSAULTING NURSING HOME STAFF & POLICE!

If you decide to research the California Armenian Home for the Aged, please be advised that the following is their official website

Anyone whom has either had a family member, friend, or loved one reside at the California Armenian Home for the Aged understands that this assisted living facility is filled with a staff that truly cares for their residents.

Regardless of race or faith, everyone is welcome at the California Armenian Home. And everyone is treated with kindness by qualified professionals.

There is ONE person who is, by way of a restraining order, not welcome on the grounds of the facility, and with good reason.

Vanessa Kachadurian physically attacked staff members at this facility and then proceeded to attack Fresno Police Officers in the incident that is documented in the enclosed police reports.

Sadly, this hate-filled individual named Vanessa Jean Kachadurian (AKA “Vanoush” Kachadurian) has taken it upon herself to do what she typically does when she has an axe to grind with people whom she has attacked; she has made, maintained, and updated a decoy blog site filled with racism, hatred, and lies about this facility and the staff there.

This is Kachadurian’s hate-mongering site

Although Kachadurian is now trying to clean up her image as a professional cyber stalker and downplay her history of violence on her latest website where she excuses her years of criminal behaviour, , the fact of the matter is that she cannot out-run the truth nor hide from the mountains of evidence that prove time and time again that she has engaged in a myriad of crimes, online and offline, and she continues to do so. The above incident of violence is not a stand-alone event. There are more. Let this serve as food for thought about how internet criminals can easily transition to real world criminals and cause harm.

4 thoughts on “VIOLENT Vanessa Kachadurian: Vicious Attack Documented! ASSAULTING NURSING HOME STAFF & POLICE!

  1. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    How funny you are Bennet Kelley and Michael Roberts, my father built that old age home over 50 years ago. They are running it into the ground and not taking care of people, and they get no more money from the Armenian community. All of this was thrown out as the cop (Officer Jaworyan) and district attorney Aram Israelyan know about the home. I turned them into the state, and the Administrator who is now GONE for all kinds of violations. This was over 3 years ago and they folded because of the lawsuit myself and others have against them. They will pay us just like you and the jew shithead scary Mary are going to pay us. Yeah, you have no choice you have to pay us and you are still getting the payback you both deserve.
    Armenians run California! Not shit lawyers from RI and never a fucking KYKE!

    Frankly, my late mother was a patient there and would do it all over again, for all the violations at that nursing home they are lucky to be open but they pay the fine and stay open. No one in Fresno that is Armenian likes that place any more because white trash people like Bennet destroyed it and stole a lot of money.
    keep it up and see where it gets you Bennet er Mary the dirty turncoat, we friended you on Fresno Armenians and you are treating all of us like garbage. You slander my late father’s name calling us child abusers when we are he ones that stopped your client from selling our babies to white trash. Now she only gets 7 kids a year and all are severely sick.
    Keep it up Bennet, you see where this all gets you at the California Bar, County of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica PD.
    Robin Sizemore is the bad person, you ruined her business now all of her garbage is out in the open in Armenia and Republic of Georgia where they don’t let her near the orphanages. You can try to paint her as a nice person and clean her background but everyone knows why she was fired from Carolina Adoption Services.
    Keep it Bennet there are a lot of eyes watching you and the merry model.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for practicing unethical law, you are a horrible attorney.
    I have more clients coming to me to represent them in Fresno County Superior Court unlicensed, tan you do with your worthless piece of paper.

  2. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    BTW I can come to the grounds of the California Armenian home anytime I want, after 8/2015 it was all lifted.
    While my mother was there I was still allowed to come there, as the are a MediCAID facility and would be close for denying anyone access to their family. They should be closed down for the way they treat elderly, and don’t hire any Armenians to work there but want our money donated to them which doesn’t happen anymore.
    Late Billionaire Kirk Krekorian stopped giving them money over 15 years ago. The real name of the place is California Home for the Aged dba California Armenian Home, Armenian Attorneys, and Physicians have nothing further to do with that dump. So I stood up for my mother after the 3rd violation of withholding her hearing aids (against the law) so what? I would do it against 50 times over. Ex police chief Steve Magarian also sued them for neglecting his mother then making it difficult to get his mother out of there.
    My close friends and family know about this incident and still high five me for defending my mother.
    The only one that is embarassed about it is my dumb brother Vance the real estate joke who never went to visit my mother anyway and so who cares? No one that matters! Just like when we kill you and Mary the Jew Eeeeew Kyke, who will care? Nobody! hahahahaahhahahaha! The crazy bitch will probably be wearing all that expensive jewelery when we snatch her up and that just means more trophies for us!
    Move on Bennet get a life, its been 7 years you continue this garbage because your client basically lost her business in Armenia because of you not me. You know the truth about her, it was in the disposition, she paid people gifts in Armenia to push paperwork through on children that still had families trying to move quickly so they would be taken to the USA before the real parents realized it.
    You are just pissed because your client is not a nice person and has made millions from selling childen, in countries that don’t have the Hague Convention and use open adoptions.
    Keep it up Bennet lets see how far this gets you in Los Angeles.
    BTW you don’t know Paul Krekorian you don’t know anyone in politics of importance.

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Oh I love it such professional writing Bennet Kelley, almost as professional as that obituary I wrote for you and Mary the Kyke for when I kill you both, every second of which I will savor with my friends I am bringing to help me and be living testaments of witnessing my justice and my victory for all Armenians. you want to continue destroying yourself while slandering the Armenian community of Fresno go ahead but when one of the 500,000 Armenians Mafia of southern California come knocking on Wilshire blvd and that dump on 34th street. remember you have yourself and your unprofessionalisn to blame. Run along Bennet you are not wanted and neither is your sleezy model that you screw in hotel rooms in Fresno. you should know that I am best friends with the leader of the Armenian Mafia in Fresno and he is helping secure my plans to kill Mary the Jew. boo hoo. 1 more dead jEEEEEEEEEw!

  4. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Santa Monica Police Department wants to know if “L. Mary Dagan Foxman” is going to show up and file a report on threats? They would very much like to speak with her about these comments with lying about IP addresses and about the thousands of abusive phone calls she has made to me. Especially after Bennet Kelley admitted that L. Mary Dagan Foxman doesn’t exist and is in fact a fake name (and a very bad one at that) Poor Bennet. When he sees L. Mary Dagan Foxman mutilated police photos and that she had to have a closed casket funeral that not even her parents bother to show up to, Bennie Penis in the file Kelley the clown baby broker will see she’s a real person. A really dead person. But since she doesn’t exist what’s the police going to do? Arrest me for allegedly killing a ghost proxy revenge porn model that is really Bennet Kelley himself? The kykes blood is on your hands and yours alone Bennet. You shouldn’t have sold all of those sick babies in the black market. Payback is a bitch.

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