I LOVE the Harmony Schools and their approach to education!

The Harmony Schools in Texas Official Website

The Harmony Schools are high performing K-12 college prep schools focusing on the areas of math, science, engineering, and computer technologies. The teachers are great and the students receive plenty of individual attention, as the class sizes are small. The Harmony Schools have consistently shown OUTSTANDING results and they are shaping a more caring youth for the future. What more could you possibly ask for?

Here is a GREAT VIDEO made by the students about volunteerism and their goals!

Harmony Schools Website Preview

4 thoughts on “I LOVE the Harmony Schools and their approach to education!

  1. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Public Schools are under attack and there is a great documentary breaking in NY (Manhatten) March 25th called “Killing Ed” made by another film maker friend of mine that also happens to be a top attorney in Texas. You don’t even know what you are talking about or what Gladio B is.
    Lots of human rights abuses at the schools all documented if you would bother to look at it since you profess to care so much about human rights. You are going to look like a fool when my other producer friend does Part II on them on his show “60 Minutes” perhaps you have heard of it?
    Read the article in the NY times by Journalist Stephanie Saul about Harmony Schools (another award winning Journalist that I know personally)
    Yep Stephanie is great while you pretend to be a journalist.
    Poor thing, oh and Stephanie is really a jew too, and went to school with me.
    But as my people say, the only good jew is a DEAD JEW, so Stephanie Saul is safe-for now- unless she crosses ANY Armenian in ANY WAY.
    Unlike Mary Dagan-Foxman who isn’t dead yet but will be sliced diced shot and burned soon. We are always watching her house dare she step outside.
    We will be sending thee ashes to her parents. It’s so poetic.
    Poetic Justice.
    JUSTICE will never again be DENIED!
    Many of my Armenian friends are in journalism maybe you have heard of Armen Ketian on “60 minutes” or David Ignatius with the Washington Post who wrote the movie “Body of LIes”.
    I met Dan at Tech Dirt who said you tired to get him to write a slander story about me and he wouldn’t do it.

  2. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    You should post their many lawsuits up for human rights violations and while you are at it look up the rape case of their teacher in Waco , TX (like you really know anything about these schools) Mr. Graham – Reeves, in Texas he got a sentence for 99 years for having sex with his students at Harmony Science Academy. this is the type of people you support? wow, great job Bennet, er Mary ooops i mean Michael . Death becomes you all. Don’t you ever talk badly about those innocent teachers in Newman for the way they love their kids. Youre just jealous because you can’t even buy a kid. See u soon in civil court, bitch.

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Why didn’t you print the story about their teacher in Waco, TX who is serving 99 years. Graham-Reeves., or the countless lawsuits from human rights abuses not by just students but by the female teachers treated like garbage. Oh yes they are such a high qualitty of schools that is why Erdogan has ordered their school closed, and all their other scam businesses. Incidently the Gulen Movement is declared a Terrorist Organization in Turkey. Bad things are happening at these schools not to mention the money used to bribe politicians – Perhaps you saw the USA today article?

    Paul Singer the writer is a great friend of mine.

    Wait till Part II of “60 minutes” it’s coming and oh. maybe you want to see the lawsuit in California filed by the TOP Attorney in the world.
    look it up since you think you are so great at “online investigations” LMAO.
    Hopefully no children are further harmed at these madrasas.
    If it happens you have yourself to blame for defending a group of schools that is everything you claim to be against.

    Fake and phony fraud..Bennet and his hoochie mama, he probably got you to give him blow jobs. Bennet is sneaky he would cheat on his wife. After all i was told he forges her name for proof of service forms. Shame on Bennie (what he is called by other internet attorneys – among other words)

    Ah yes the growing field of Internet Attorneys, great people.

    And I’m not gonna stop posting on every site I can find all the shit I know about dirty attorneys and dirty KYKES until I get MY MONEY! You didn’t like being posted on thedirty.com, oh well, there are dozens of sites like that owned and run by Armenians and I’m connected to all of them so get ready for a reputation ruining unlike any other.
    And thath money that I AM ENTITLED TO will go DIRECTLY TOWARDS helping Armenian Charities that I am on the board of directors of.

  4. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Careful Bennet stop pissing me off you really are sounding crazy the crank phone calls to me are crossing the line. You are cracking and falling apart. Your mental illness is reported at the California Bar Association. And the Fresno Police Department is seeing you as a laughing stock. You should stop reporting all of these lies that I am making online threats. You can’t prove it and you have zero credability in Californis so take a hike. They are watching and so are many other governmental agencies. You abuse their seals and are crossing the line of ethics again (and again) this is not something you went to law school for. Other attorney’s are distancing themselves from you, abusing your law license is one thing but you don’t have the right to abuse other’s law licenses they will not be partnering with you now or in the future. Clean up your behavior. You are dirty and that’s why my cousin Hooman Karimian is going to post you and whacky Wanduh on Thedirty.com again soon. So very soon. You will be internet famous just like you always wanted. And lots of Armenians are watching you and just waiting for my signal to pounce. We hold all of the power in California.

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