IGNORING A TROLLS IGNORANCE: A Lesson Courtesy of Mr. Magnus

In this video, Mr. Tyrone Magnus explains reasons why trolls are trolls, discusses his experiences in dealing with internet trolls, and explains how to put them on a diet!

It’s a very informative video from one of YouTube’s most versatile personalities!


3 thoughts on “IGNORING A TROLLS IGNORANCE: A Lesson Courtesy of Mr. Magnus

  1. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Wow he sounds like a raving lunatic like Bennet Kelley on that cheap webmaster radio show. Poor Bennet he really wants to be famous with a real radio show but that won’t happen. My friends all work in media and show business in Los Angeles, CA they all have their eye on Bennet Kelley. Darren Rabin doesn’t want trouble either does Heather Antoine she has a lot of Armenian friends. In fact tons of them. My friends have already made sure that when Mary and Bennet vanish there will be zero media coverage AT ALL about them missing and we already have real news stories lined up to go live with once their ashes are found just to make sure there is no media coverage about their worthless lifes and justified deaths.

  2. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Mr Magnus LMAO oh my you really are crazy, Bennet taught you well, We get it, the model is around for the photos but the team of Michael and Bennet do the online harassing. I know Bennet’s style of crappy writing anywhere. Hence the reason he cannot get a book published and after 10 years still pimps out “Bush Lies” as some sort of literary genius. The problem with Bennet Kelley is he really believes he has talent and he doesn’t he is also very very ugly and has bad breath, when he gave his fake deposition to me (amateur) I could smell him across the table (bad – even Christopher Seymour said Bennet stinks)
    Bennet is a joke, for the most part i love watching him squirm for recognition as someone famous.

    I care less what he does to me, it’s what he did to my late parents that pisses me off. Its for that that I am ending his life. I am in control not Bennet. Not Mary the KYKE. I OWN THEM. They MUST accept this TRUTH. he harassed them with process servers and that pissed off the entire community that knew and loved them. This also pisses off people in Los Angeles where Bennet is trying so hard to be famous while behind the scenes those darn Armenian Mafia are destroying any chance Bennet has (which is not very good because he is a poor attorney) Give it up Bennet you are looking more and more ridiculous every day with your stolen government seals, onlline false advertising, disparagement of any person that has shown the world your true colors (even other attorneys cannot stand you)

    There is nothing you can do but whimper like poor Poggi use to. Did you get a new dog yet?
    There is no place for you in California. We have enough attorneys and VERY good ones especially the Armenian Bar Association ..the top in their field.
    All you can find is lying clients with lots of money. Like Mary KYKE Foxman. Shes gonna start paying ME NOW. for the HARM the BOTH OF YOU have caused my people.

    Wait till Robin is approached by these kids she sold away from their natural parents, they want answers and Robin will not be left unaccountable, she has a lot of explaining to do.
    The authorities in Armenia hate her, But they do like Jeannie Sobie, as Jeannie is honest about the waiting kids and what the expectations are. Robin is not allowed into orphanages in Armenia she is known as the white snake or “jarmag otz” and there is NOTHING you can do to change that. She chased everyone off of the old yahoo group – they stay away from her…far away.

    Poor Bennet he has that expensive law education and is reduced to chasing models around taking their photos. Sending them to all parts of the world, spends 24 hours a day promoting himself with blogs and radio while hacking people who have stood up to him and his baby stealing client.
    Not to mention destroying his own reputation in the court room, and among other attorneys in the huge and growing internet law field.

    Just read this bio again , it’s so comical.
    myself. 31 months total. Solitary. No Charges. Also in California. Extorted by Police, Lawyers, and “reliable criminal informants” (2 strangers with prison priors and “strikes” for drug cases and violent crimes.) They were illegally in the US, signed up for that “special visa” and now they proclaim themselves to be, “Junior Attorneys working for the head DA”. I was born in California, a US Born Citizen by default. I’m also of mixed heritage, however, I’m not Iranian myself. I’m Judaica Masoníque and I am that one person who really does extremely nice random acts of kindness, (Oh! The scandal!). I got re-named “Terrorist Barbie” by the police and, it’s really stuck. Much easier to remember and pronounce than my true name, L. Mary Dagan-Föxman. Since the Mirmehdi Family choses to remain quiet, the burden of informing the masses about the Mirmehdi ordeal, as well as my own, has been heavily placed upon my shoulders. Wish me luck! L. Mary Dagan-Föxman Direct Conact: @PanacoinMary

    Thats “Contact” but noooo Bennet would never forget how to spell correctly would he? LMAO

    Do you still have that older Mercedes Bennet? The mechanic said it was a piece of crap. You remember Hovesp that worked on that car?

    Make sure you keep your eye on every Armenian you see on the street, in traffic at the cleaners, restaurant, courthouse, etc.,

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Bennet Kelley is partial to WordPress. I much like Blogger better. And Lady Mary if you want me to take down my blogs about you, get me that money and I MIGHT consider it.

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