Cyber Crime Crackdown in FRESNO!


Fresno State Police Chief David Huerta and the FBI have done an excellent job of working together to prevent an on-campus shooting which began as an anonymous cyber threat. They traced the IP Address, and have now made an arrest.

I commend the Police Officers and Federal Agents involved for doing such a great job and for moving so quickly to stop a tragic event from happening.

Perhaphs Fresno State Police Chief David Huerta and I should have a personal conversation…

4 thoughts on “Cyber Crime Crackdown in FRESNO!

  1. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    I know David, and he is actually very good (one of the more clean cops) he helped us solve the case of who vandalized our Armenian Genocide Memorial on CSU Fresno (it’s not called Fresno State) it was a typical Armenian hater like Bennet Kelley and his porn model Mary Dagan whatever her name is. Ever wonder why Bennet is no longer involved with politics anymore? He knows who controls it in Los Angeles and he isn’t in the inside group anymore. He was telling people in Los Angeles he was sick but I think he is a liar. Bennet talks alot to the people he thinks like him but they don’t. They think he is an asswipe like you Mary. Who is the fake? Who tries to say they are journalist? or wrote 2 books? gave me a sad story they had cancer? You BITCH! Who will be a corpse soon? You BITCH! Who will care that you are dead? NO ONE BITCH! ha! so scholarly, Bennet Kelley thinks he is smart but the facts are everyone at the FBI data cyber force knows what he is doing with the code .
    You stalked me Bennet Kelley, you harassed my late parents by having paperwork dropped off at their house and I will never forgive you for harming them and neither will the people in Fresno that knew them. Bennet Kelley is a sad sad little man. Robin Sizemore is a bad person the way she sells children, and convinces a few families she is saving children as she takes $28-$45,000 from each one. You should move on and take down your hateful blog everyone at the Santa Monica PD knows what you are up to. They never want to see your ugly face ever again. You embarass the law profession. You and Mary better fucking pay up ALL of the money that YOU OWE US for the LIES you told about us being stalkers and predators.

  2. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Stick to your free Huffington Blog, so glad Ariana sold it years ago., unlike you Bennet Kelley, I actually know Ariana she’s is relative of a of mine. She has done a lot for humanity, what have you done? Oh let me guess, you protect child traffickers, spam marketers, online extortionists, ruin their reputation with your unprofessional behavior. You have done nothing for mankind except create gossip about people who are better than you. You are just a dirty little gossip sissy.There is nothing unique, good or outstanding about you. You being dead means more oxygen for the rest of us who thrive in this world.

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian. says:

    Bennet you might get your wish, the way you have pissed off other lawyers, and the Armenian community in Los Angeles. Especially taking government seals and photos of people like Paul Krekorian who cannot stand you. “My friend” you jokester Bennet. You cannot even hide your style. Keep it up another 7 years and see where it gets you. Not that Leslie and me are going to allow you to waste more time we should have for loving each other by wasting that time on having to make written rebuttals to your scheming slanderous lies, because Leslie and I are people very prominent in the Armenian community and very famous in the public eye. We do not take your malicious slander lightly. We are always watching you. When you disappear so will Wanduh and so will “Mary” and no one will notice.
    Careful Bennet, remember that Leslie works for PBS and you better watch your back or you might just find yourself in the spotlight of our documentary we are making with the Armeanian Filmmakers and Producers of “Epic Denied” about how badly white trash like you discriminate against us Armenians because of our inherited superiority in modern day America.
    You should also take this as a friendly reminder that you owe me my first payment.
    The longer you and richie rich kyke Mary take to pay me, the sooner you will see me and my friends take action.

  4. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Bennet Kelley do you really think this type of behavior serves you will help your business or credibility? Continue stealing government seals and spinning other peoples news articles that is your MO and everyone knows this about you. Bennet Kelley you are a sad man that continues to cause problems for yourself and for the government agencies that have to deal with your sad manipulations of the law. You have outworn yourself in Santa Monica. Just leave it alone and move on with your life. You have been stalking me and my family for more than 7 years because I rebuffed your romantic advances you made towards me when you first started representing baby broker Robin. You were visably angry and your ego was shattered when I told you that Leslie and I are exclusive and that I had zero interest in having an affair with a dork like you just to make my “legal troubles disappear” as you said, when I NEVER did ANYTHING wrong to begin with! Ha! I wonder how Wanda has dealt with your obsession with me for all of these years and not divorced you and move back to Canada. Really Bennet you need mental health help. You should go to the Doctor Dave Armstrong sees. I heard he is making progress with his care. He may even return to work one day. You need to turn over your law license before my friends at the Armenian Bar Association have it revoked in a most public and disgraceful way.

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