Negative Naughty Narcissists: No Thank You!

Ne’er-do-well Narcissists:

If you have a sneaking suspicion that someone sullen that is either a part of your life, (directly, or trying to force themself into it, indirectly), or perhaphs someone you have stumbled upon in passing is POSSIBLY A TOXIC NARCISSIST, read the following articles to find out for certain.

All About Narcissists (And What To Expect):

And The “Sour Grapes” Scenario:



One thought on “Negative Naughty Narcissists: No Thank You!

  1. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Bennet Kelley, Mary Dagan-Foxman, Everyone is circling in around you two in California. California Bar, City Attorney of Santa Monica, Santa Monica PD (they have been monitoring you online for over 24 months) Stop harassing people and slandering people you don’t know. You have harassed me, my late parents not to mention innocent people in Fresno who are my friends – simply for being a friend of mind. Heather Antoine knows about you and so does Darin Rabin. I have both their personal phone numbers that my friends in Los Angeles gave me. You need to move on, you already destroyed Robin Sizemore’s business in Armenia she cannot and will no longer get any more than 7-8 children a year out of Armenia. These Children earmarked for her are very very sick children.
    Your websites are slanderous and untrue., you mock my ethnic background, my religion you violate a lot of ethical and moral standards that are unbefitting of an officer of the court.
    It’s time to show some professionalism and remove the slander about me off your wordpress blog, you need to have a good reputation in Los Angeles.
    One person you have harassed is Vartush Mesropyan, she is a young newly married woman and college graduate that has never done anything to anyone and you have viciously attacked her and Lesley Davis simply because they are friends of mine. They are nice people who have done more for the orphans of Armenia than goofball Robin Sizemore, who is not allowed into orphanages at all. Her money is no good in Armenia anymore our church and ARS along with GOOD organizations are building homes for families so they don’t have to sell them to Robin’s facilitator Eduard Amalyan (who has enough problems in country as I type this) seems he hasn’t paid taxes on his wire transfers of cash from Robin.
    You know very well all of your crap you fabricated about me is now void and the restraining orders invalid.
    in 2 short weeks Santa Monica is expunging this last nightmare you created in their court system with your legal wrangling.
    If you want to go another 7 years of harassing me, go ahead but you are doing no favors for yourself.

    You must stop and remove the slander about me, and others on your, I have asked you nicely and you still continue your horrible habits.
    Even other attorneys have asked you to stop, you simply don’t listen. Judges have told you to stop and not provoke, you still don’t listen. Take them down please and stop harming people, you are making a lot of problems for yourself. Your behavior is not going unnoticed by many people in California, especially when you disparage my religion and my ethnic background.

    Not to mention you falsely say I have a “mental disease” which is untrue and very libelous to put on a blog.
    You continue to violate your bar license and you will be held accountable for your behavior inside the courtroom and out. No one respects you, your behavior doesn’t warrant it. Adoption Agencies are not worth protecting, they have already decreased business since 2009 by 90% which was a billion dollar industry. I think you learned a lesson with these people they are liars and all about money.
    And speaking of money, I am patiently awaiting payments from you and Mary Dagan-Foxman.
    Expedite that and the removal of your LIES from your blog.

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