How To Piss Off A Narcissist without even Trying

An Upturned Soul

I probably shouldn’t post this post. That’s why I’m doing it.

A short while ago I posted this – A Very Human Enlightenment. By my own standards of post ratings for my own posts, it’s okay but just okay. I could have done better, but… shrug. It’s Christmas and my brain is on holiday.

I’m sort taking a break from my blog, which is of course why I’ve done more posts today than in recent weeks. I mentioned in another post how contrary I am – Contrary to Popular Belief.  I find that trait lovable and effing annoying.

Anyway, I decided to post – A Very Human Enlightenment – on my tumblr as well as my WordPress. Just because, they’re my blogs and they’re powered by all sorts of tech stuff, but by me too. So… you know.

I did a few more tumblr posts. Then took a leave…

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